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VY graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Microbiology.  She grew up in Mustang, Oklahoma and moved to Texas after graduating from college. Her interest in the dental management began 16 years ago. She worked as an office manager from many years. She finally found an office where she can call home. With years of experience working with dental insurance, her goal is to help patients understand and maximize their dental benefits. She understands that dental insurance can be very confusing to patients. Her mission is to make patients dental visit pleasant, productive, and feasible.  For her enjoyment, she loves to read, play the piano and guitar, and listen to music. 



GRACE is very passionate about working in the dental field and she loves the experiences that come with it. She  always been really interested in the healthcare field and being hands on with what she does. It makes all the difference to her for being a part of a team who helps people achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Being with her two bunnies and watching them play with each other is the best thing to come home to every night, as well as spending time with my husband and her families. She loves to swim, bike riding, and listen to  different types of music while doing things around the house. Her ideal day is having bonfires, lake days, and get-togethers with friends and families.




ALICE is happily married to Dr. Chang for over 12 years. She provides her support by helping staff members with various tasks in the office. Her main focus is maintaining proper bookkeeping and fixing any loose ends in the office. Her keen eye for fashion, helps keep the office well decorated. Her favorite quote " To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." She is a true believer in healthy eating and experiencing traditional food around the world.






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